Two upcoming shows: Mobile Kino Summer Camp 2017 + Schokoladen

We have two shows coming up! In August, we will be playing at the the Mobile Kino Summer Camp, a festival of outdoor cinema by a lake in the woods. Three screens, various films, live music, camping and bungalows. The festival is from August 11th – 13th, we will be playing on Saturday (August, 12th). Facebook Event

On September 6th, we are playing at Schokoladen with Kamoos, a Berlin superband made up from members of Jolly Goods, The Imaginary French, Voodoo Beach and Juliette and the Sin. Dissonant notes, punky rhythm and bluesy undertones.

Happy New Year! New Album in the works

A Happy New Year, everyone!

Almost a year ago in January 2016, our debut album was released. Thanks to everyone who gave it a listen and for your support!

A little update on our next release: We are working on a new album to come out sometime later this year. Recordings are almost done, but it will take a few more months for finalising, mixing, finding a cover artwork, pressing, etc. Will keep you posted!

In the meantime, have a great 2017!


Cassette Store Day 2016 – Cassette Market at Fahimi Bar

tumblr_static_chuyf7mkbeo0okwock4k8wcowWe take part in this year’s Cassette Store Day (October 8th) with our debut album, which was released on tape and vinyl earlier this year.

Cassette Store Day is an international event to celebrate cassette tapes. Intro article

There will be a cassette market at Fahimi Bar (U Kottbusser Tor, Skalizer Str. 134) on Saturday, October 8th. Come to our table and check out tapes by No Mouth, Fetal Twink, The History of Colour TV and more! Facebook event

Cassette Story Day Germany on Facebook | Twitter | website

New music video

Look what we found on an old VHS tape from the 90ies ;)

Our new video for “Drowning” is out! Watch it on Youtube / Vimeo / Facebook.

Combining live footage of a recent show with ambient visuals and the look of an old VHS recording, it is reminiscent of early 90ies alternative music videos and looks like it was recorded straight off the TV from some late night music program of that decade.

Video by Bastian Stein. Live footage by Tanja Pippi & Stefanie Walk. Visuals by Saiko Ryusui.









Playing at Mobile Kino Weekender July 29th – 31st

Bands will be playing on July 30th.

Mobile Kino Weekender 2016 – July 29-31


The Lobster
The Hallow
Oh Yeah. Berlin
2001: A Space Odyssey
Raving Iran
Ghostbusters (1984)
More to be announced

+Plus+ Camping in the Woods Horror Films, Psychedelic Sci-Fis and Docos.


Adventure Team
Binary Sunset
Chase Insteadman
I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
More to be announced

+Plus+ Comedy, Camp Games, and Radio Spaetkauf live recording.


Klingemühle 4, Chossewitz, Brandenburg, DE, 15848

More info and tickets under

Facebook event